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Alumni Program

Alumni-ProgramWhen you enter Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, our commitment to your success goes beyond your rehab treatment. We offer you on-going extended care and support through our alumni program. Our alumni team works with you to ensure that you have every opportunity to be successful and remain clean and sober. The only requirements for entry into our alumni program is a desire to do so and that you have been a patient at our Stepping Stone Center for Recovery treatment center. We’d be honored to have you join our active and robust network. We have helped countless people get their lives back on track. You can be next and continue to help those looking to do the same.

Alumni Support Network

The alumni support network includes thousands of individuals across the United States. Not only do you have access to your peers and others who have attended programming at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, but you’ll also be connecting to people who have been through treatment. As a community, we offer online and in-person support to keep each other accountable and also engage in fellowship and fun.

How You Benefit

At Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, we believe that alcohol and drug addiction is a treatable disease. Our site offers extended recovery support through educational materials, regular contact by alumni support staff, support group meetings, events and social networking sites for continued peer and staff interaction. Our staff is committed to the ongoing development of the alumni program and offers the tools you need for continued growth and development in recovery from addiction. Each of our alumni team members are also Certified, Recovery Coaches. We offer lifelong access to a Certified Recovery Coach so you always have the added support to continue your recovery path. Life after rehab can be hard to process. We want to make sure that you have the same support to stay sober as you return to the real world.

Alumni Program Benefits

We have structured our alumni program to make sure you are receiving the best quality support.

At Stepping Stone, we aim to make life after rehab as easy as we can. Our program offers you:

  • Phone follow-ups
  • Emails
  • E-newsletters
  • Social events
  • Membership to private online alumni support
  • Support groups
  • Certified Recovery Coach

We want to make sure you stay clean once you get clean. Our alumni program helps you stay in touch with recovery experts and peers. There is no need to go through the addiction recovery process alone.

Contact Stepping Stone Today

The first step to beating addiction is to reach out for help. At Stepping Stone, your recovery comes first. We offer a number of programs that can help you overcome addiction and live a fuller and healthier life. Don’t lose any more time struggling with addiction. Call 866.957.4960 today to take the first steps toward a new life. It’s not to late to seek help. Begin your journey to recovery.

Alumni Network

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