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First 90 Days of Recovery

Alcohol-RecoveryThe First 90-Days of Alcohol Recovery are the Most Critical

Many people who suffer from the disease of alcoholism tend to think that after they have a month or two of sobriety, all of their problems have been solved. It’s all-too-often that people recovering from alcoholism put their recovery on the back burner to begin working or tending to their family life. It’s one of the leading reasons for relapse. The first 90 days for alcohol recovery are the most important, and there are different strategies you’ll learn at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery to give you the best chances of long-term recovery. If you’re able to stay sober for the first 90 days, your chances of staying sober begin increasing for the first year.

Don’t Forget the Detox Process

One of the common strategies taught to clients who come in is to remember the day before they came into treatment. In alcohol recovery, it’s common for people to forget the pain they’ve been through whether it was spiritually, emotionally or physically. The mind of a person suffering from alcohol can easily forget the torment that they were going through before they stepped into an alcohol detox program. It’s important to remember how painful and uncomfortable the symptoms of withdrawal were because sometimes that’s motivation enough to stay sober for these first 90 days of alcohol recovery.

Use What You Learn in Treatment

At Stepping Stone Center, you may be able to stay for anywhere from 30 to 60 days or more depending on your insurance coverage. During this time, it’s crucial to take in all of the information that you can about alcohol recovery. Everything that you learn is put to practical use once you complete your treatment. At Stepping Stone Center, we treat you with a multidisciplinary treatment approach that gives you a wide range of techniques to use to maintain your sobriety once you leave treatment.

Meeting with a doctor and a psychiatrist teaches you about what you can begin doing to heal your mind and your body. When you’re mentally and physically feeling well, it gives you more motivation to continue working on your program of alcohol recovery during your first 90 days. If you think that you feel good after 30 days of being sober, it only gets better from there. You’ll also meet with a family therapist because a person’s loved ones can be one of the biggest threats to their alcohol recovery. This way, you’ll learn how to cope with different family situations after rehab.

Take Advantage of Aftercare

We also provide aftercare for all of our clients who successfully keep treatment. Studies have shown that those who stay engaged in aftercare are 80 percent more likely to maintain sobriety for their first year. Aftercare allows you to stay connected with other alumni from the treatment center, and you’ll regularly meet with counselors and psychiatrists as you begin your life of alcohol recovery. Sometimes dealing with life on life’s terms after treatment isn’t easy, which is why aftercare is here to help continue to guide you.

Our facility strongly recommends sober living as well. Once you discharge, it’s extremely beneficial to not only have a safe environment to live in, but it also helps to have some accountability. In sober living, you’ll live with others who are in drug or alcohol recovery, so you’ll regularly have a support group there for you when you go through those difficult days. With all of these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to effectively maintain your first 90 days of sobriety.

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