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Intervention Guide

Download the Free Intervention Guide

We completed a new guide to help the family and friends of an individual who is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem. The Intervention Guide, available as a free download below, offers information, tips, and advice for holding an intervention and helping a loved one into treatment.

The guide lays out in simple terms:

  • What is intervention
  • How to recognize when an intervention is necessary with more than 20 “warning signs” your loved one may be using drugs or alcohol
  • Who should be involved and what is expected of each person
  • Best practices to conduct the actual intervention discussion
  • How to write your own “intervention letter,” including a fill-in-the-blanks worksheet
  • Responses to 14 of the most common objections that may arise
  • How to select the right treatment center for help
  • What friends and family can do to help themselves

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