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What to Expect at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery

Although you are not the happiest person in the world right now, know that you are safe with us. The warm faces of the staff will comfort you, even if a cheerful person is the last thing that you want to see.

It is OK. We understand that this is physically and emotionally uncomfortable for you. Rest assured that we know your future outcome after you complete detox and rehab.

You will sit with doctors who will ask you questions about what drugs you were using. They need to find out how much and how often you used in order for you to receive a comfortable detox treatment. Then the nurses, therapists and case managers will be the next round of staff to introduce themselves to you. We do not expect you to remember everyone’s names and faces. We want you to know that you have many people who you can turn to when you need someone.

What-to-ExpectPeers will also be part of your introduction to treatment. We will place you with a ‘buddy’ initially. This is your fellow peer who has been in the program, doing well and will be helpful. He or she will help guide you and introduce you to your new surroundings here at Stepping Stone Center’s Florida Drug Rehab.


Excitement, anticipation, and fear of the unknown will be present when you are dropped off at treatment. Watching your family or loved ones drive away is painful or relieving, depending on your situation. Either way, you are entering a new environment with strangers. You will have your guard up, but knowing what to expect helps to comfort you.

After your assessment with doctors, nurses, and therapists, you will be taken on a tour of the facility. This will help you know the layout of your new home while you are here. You will be living inpatient residences on the hospital site. Although this is a hospital, we have set up the residential rehab section to simulate apartment-style living. There is a cafeteria, laundry room and community rooms with games, televisions and reading materials.

If you need cigarettes or other goods, we will provide them for you. When you reach the phase of treatment where you can leave the premises then you will be able to purchase these goods on your own.


No one wants to be placed under rules, being told what you can and cannot do. This is part of addiction treatment, though. If you really think about it, your substance abuse is characterized by chaos. Here is your opportunity to bring order back to your life. The growing pains come from having to follow someone else’s rules temporarily. You will benefit from this.

Basic rules of treatment are:

  • Do not use drugs and alcohol in rehab.
  • Follow doctors’ orders.
  • Listen to counselors.
  • Go to group and scheduled activities.
  • These are the basic rules and not much to ask.

Help is just a phone call away. Call 866.957.4960 today and talk to one of our addiction treatment specialists about how you can get clean.

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