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10 Signs of Addiction

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It is not uncommon to not be sure whether or not  a loved one is suffering from the deadly disease of addiction. Here are some signs that an addiction to drugs or alcohol does indeed exist:

  1. Consumption control- people with an addiction will increase the amount that of drugs or alcohol they use as they will begin to build a tolerance and need more of whatever they are abusing to get high or drunk.
  2. Games of hide and seek- It is typical for those who suffer with addiction to hide their bottles of alcohol or their drugs around the house.
  3. Vanishing act- Things of value around the house like checks, jewelry, and electronics may be missing as the addict may take them to pawn or exchange in an attempt to continue to fuel their addiction.
  4. Financial problems- a drug and alcohol addiction is not easy to finance. Many who have an addiction find themselves “strapped” and in financial trouble.
  5. The Hollywood diet- Addicts will typically lose weight without trying. Drugs and alcohol can cause one to lose their appetite.
  6. Bladder problems- Notice someone going to the bathroom a lot? It may not be that they have a problem with their bladder. Addiction often leads to frequent visits to the bathroom as it is a place to do drugs quickly.
  7. Anger Management- When an individual is addicted to drugs they have a tough time controlling their emotions. The smallest action may ignite a fire and set off their temper.
  8. Is someone watching me?- Paranoia often comes hand in hand with addiction.
  9. Who me?- Addicts and alcoholics commonly blame all their problems on someone else.
  10. Everyone loves a story- When listening to someone who is in active addiction they are sure to have plenty of stories and excuses about their behavior or why they missed an appointment.

*If you know someone who is struggling with addiction it is never too seek out help through addiction treatment.

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