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5 Ways to Stay Sober on Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner. There are a lot of things you have to do in preparation for the big day, including planning to stay sober. Here are five ways to help you avoid relapse on Thanksgiving:

  1.  Start a new tradition: Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be about an elaborate dinner. You can break away from the norm and do something new. Volunteering is a great way to avoid relapse and also help others.
  2. Choose your parties: You may be invited to several Thanksgiving events, but you don’t have to attend all of them. If you know that a specific group of friends or family will be drinking and will nag you about having a drink, then don’t go. Attend events where they will support your desire to stay sober and will help you fight the urge throughout the night.
  3. Throw your own party: You can’t control other people’s Thanksgiving parties so why not have your own Thanksgiving event? This way you can ensure that there is no alcohol. Those who want to share the special day with you will do so sober.
  4. Become a designated driver: If you have to go a Thanksgiving event where alcohol will be served, give yourself a job: Designated driver. You can focus on staying sober if you know you have an obligation to fulfill. This way you can keep your friends safe.
  5. Sober date: Invite a sober friend to any Thanksgiving event you may be attending. Most Thanksgiving dinners and events are planned in advance so you can let the host know that you will be bringing someone with you. This way your sober date can help you throughout the evening.

Your sobriety is something that you have achieved by putting in work every single day. Don’t let this one day be the reason you relapse. How do you keep sober when celebrating a holiday or a special event?

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