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Addicted Brain Says “Just One More Time”

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Individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol know that they shouldn’t abuse them and know the possibility of having to deal with a negative outcome but something in their brain says, “Just one more time”. Research done at the University of California, Berkeley have discovered that the orbitofrontal and anterior cingulated cortex areas of a person’s brain skews the decision making process of an addict when it comes time to deciding whether or not they should abuse drugs. People who have damaged their orbitofrontal cortex will make poor decisions even though they know the outcome of their decision is not going to be positive. The hope is that the better treating professionals are able to understand a person’s decision making process the better they will be at treating addiction. Addicts are constantly making poor decisions. Despite knowing that abusing drugs and alcohol will lead to negative consequences an addict continues to make the decision to abuse drugs. Chronic drug and alcohol abuse hinders a person’s brain and ability to make healthy decisions that will affect their life positively. Addiction treatment works with its clients to help them process how their addiction started as well as help them to change their thought patterns that allowed their addiction to drugs and alcohol get out of control. Understanding how drugs and alcohol affect the brain will hopefully help addiction professionals treat their clients. By understanding the decision making process that addicts have treatment facilities will be more effective in their treatment methodologies. The studies being done at the University of California, Berkeley have the potential to be groundbreaking and help aid in the recovery of addicts all over the world.

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