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Addiction Center Alumni Contribute to the Recovery Community

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These days, many individuals struggling with addiction attempt to overcome their obstacles in order to lead a healthier, happier life. If this is your objective, it’s important to know that addiction facility alumni members may be able to help you. These individuals contribute to the recovery community by offering a wide range of mentorship services. Most importantly, addiction center alumni help patients grow past their problems.

Who Are Addiction Center Alumni?

Addiction center alumni are individuals who have successfully completed a drug addiction recovery program. These individuals conquered their addiction to some of the following drugs:

How Addiction Center Alumni Give Back

Once patients successfully complete a recovery program, facility directors often invite them back to work as a mentor. While operating in this capacity, the alumni will provide a current patient with a wide range of resources and various forms of support. For example, mentors may share their past personal trials and triumphs throughout their recovery process. Additionally, the mentor might sit in on a patient’s group counseling session and share experiences that helped lead to breakthroughs in the mentor’s recovery. While addiction center alumni’s motivations may seem similar to the professional staff’s, there are differences. Specifically, the clinical staff’s primary purpose is offering patients the supervision, counseling, and support necessary to facilitate recovery. On the other hand, when alumni operate as mentors, they enable patients to establish a positive friendship. These relationships are rooted in a mutual understanding of recovery’s challenges, making it a powerful bond.

The Importance of Obtaining Addiction Center Services

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates illicit drug abuse costs the nation over $700 billion each year due to its effect on health care, lost work productivity, and crime. If you’re addicted to an illicit substance, it’s imperative that you get help. Doing so will ease the personal pain and eliminate the professional stagnation drug abuse generally causes. Once you’ve found the right addiction center for recovery, you’ll be able to gain multiple treatment services as well as ongoing support from alumni.

Stepping Stone Center Provides Top-Notch Care and Alumni Programs

If you’re serious about putting drug addiction in the past, Stepping Stone Center for Recovery can help. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, the facility’s rehabilitation specialists offer a multidisciplinary treatment approach which helps foster mental, physical, and spiritual renewal. We also provide aftercare services—including strong alumni support— to help recovery stick long term. Call us now at 866-957-4960 to learn more about our premium, customized treatment programs.

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