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Addiction to Synthetic Drugs on the Rise

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All around the country synthetic drugs are being distributed. These drugs are becoming more popular and are produced to serve the purpose of getting around the laws that prohibit illegal drugs. Synthetic drugs that can now be bought in gas stations, head shops and on various sites over the internet are designed to emulate the same euphoric effects as drugs like marijuana and even heroin. While it is important for authority figures to be made aware of these drugs it is equally as important that there is education to youth, parents, young adults and college students about the dangerous side effects of these drugs.  These drugs are just as dangerous as heroin, cocaine or prescription drugs as there have already been cases of them causing seizures, hallucinations and death.  Just since January this year there have 2,700 people have reported being ill as a result of abusing synthetic drugs. During all of 2010 there were only 3,200 reported cases of illness from synthetic drugs. Fake marijuana known as K2 or spice and bath salts known “Purple Wave” or “Bliss” are two of the more popular synthetic drugs that are being abused nationwide. If an individual has an overdose on one of these drugs they can experience extreme paranoia as well as hallucinations, slow heart rate and low blood pressure. There have also been deaths that are directly related to these drugs. Like illegal street drugs, synthetic drugs are addictive and are used by many to avoid dealing with their reality. Addiction treatment can help those who use drugs to avoid their past be it a traumatic experience or anything else so that they no longer have to turn to drugs and alcohol. Just because synthetic drugs can be bought legally does not meant that they aren’t addictive. In order to stop the abuse many are turning to the professional guidance of addiction treatment.

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