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Alcohol Abuse Affects Brains Mistake Signal

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Every wonder why people make such poor decisions when they are under the influence of alcohol? Recent studies at the University of Missouri have shown that the part of the brain that warns a person when they are mistaking is greatly affected by alcohol. Bruce Barthlow, the associate professor of psychology in the MU College of Arts and Science states, “When people make mistakes, activity in a part of the brain responsible for monitoring behavior increases, essentially sending an alarm signal to other parts of the brain indicating that something went wrong. People who suffer from the disease of alcoholism have life’s that tend to spiral out of control sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly. If you think about it it makes sense that an alcoholics life will spiral out of control. If the part of the brain that warns a person when they are mistakes is affected by alcohol then an alcoholic is likely to make more bad decisions. Alcoholism is a disease that is more than capable of destroying a person’s life. It can ruin a person’s employment, take their family away from them, and leave them feeling desperate as if there was no help. With the right help though, oftentimes through the course of addiction treatment, an individual can slowly but surely turn their life around. Addiction treatment has helped copious amounts of people who seemingly destroyed their life through the use of alcohol and bad decision making.

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