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Alcohol Poisoning Tragically Takes Life of Amy Winehouse

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Since the tragic death of Amy Winehouse, her family has stated that her cause of death was from alcohol withdrawal. While alcohol withdrawal can cause an untimely death if there is not proper medical attention a coroner report ruled that the official cause of death for the overwhelmingly talented singer was alcohol poisoning. Her blood alcohol limit was five times higher than what the legal limit for driving is. Alcohol poisoning is very serious and roughly 50,000 people a year in the United States are diagnosed with it. Amy Winehouse famously struggled with her addiction before alcohol took her life. She had been in and out of rehab on numerous occasions but each time she would either check herself out early or go right back to active addiction. Whatever demons caused Winehouse to continue to abuse drugs and alcohol could have been dealt with and handled in addiction treatment. Addiction is almost always caused by an underlying issue that has never been appropriately dealt with. Whether the issues are relationship problems, sexual abuse, physical abuse, depression or another type of problem the medical professionals and therapists can help a person to process the problem while offering the support they need to get and stay sober. Winehouse’s death is the unfortunate truth of what can happen if recovery from addiction is not taken seriously. Alcohol and drug addiction is a serious disease that is more than capable of killing. For Amy Winehouse, her disease won. That does not have to be the case. No matter how bad a scenario may be, with the right help anyone can get sober and stay sober

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