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Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

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When you’re looking for alcohol poisoning treatment, you most likely need help for someone else. Alcohol poisoning is a potentially deadly condition that may occur by accident or because of a willingly self-administered overdose of alcohol. What should you do when you’re worried that a friend or family member has consumed a dangerous amount of alcohol?

Stabilizing an Individual Suffering from Possible Alcohol Poisoning

teenager talking to her doctor about alcohol poisoning treatmentThe University Health Services Center for the University of Texas at Austin defines two possible scenarios when someone overdoses on alcohol. In one situation, the individual who overdosed may be conscious. It’s important to do the following if the person is conscious.

  • Remain calm. Now isn’t the time to scold, get upset, or make ultimatums. There’s a good chance that your friend or loved one intentionally ingested the quantity of alcohol that resulted in this condition. Nevertheless, deal with the physical symptoms for now and save the conversation for when your friend or loved one is sober.
  • Move the person to their side. Don’t allow them to lie on their back. Instead, roll your friend or loved one to the side as needed.
  • Monitor breathing. Ensure that the person is breathing steadily. If they’re not, it may be necessary to start CPR before first responders can get to you.

If the individual is unconscious, you need to know what you’re dealing with. Look for signs that they’re suffering from alcohol poisoning. The person may have vomited while passed out, have clammy skin, and be unable to respond. In this situation, it’s vital that you follow the steps outlined previously but also make a call to emergency responders right away.

Past the Initial Alcohol Poisoning Treatment: Does Your Loved One Need Help?

Failure to help with immediate, appropriate alcohol poisoning treatment may result in death. Someone who has alcohol poisoning may choke on vomit if left to lie on their back, stop breathing, or suffer from seizures brought on by low blood sugar or dehydration. However, once the immediate physical danger is over, and your friend has received medical attention as needed, ask yourself if there’s a chance that they need further treatment. This level of intoxication frequently occurs when an adult ingests a high volume of alcohol in a very short period. Incidentally, this is a hallmark of binge-drinking behavior, which may be a stepping stone to alcohol use disorder. Conversely, your friend or loved one may already suffer from this condition and require professional help. There’s a chance that they may deny that there’s a problem; however, they might also be receptive to what you have to say.

Help Your Loved One Find a Way Out

The road to recovery starts with a medically supervised alcohol detox. During that time, a team of friendly professionals assesses the person and assists with the transition into an alcohol rehabilitation program. Within this setting, your loved one can address family dynamics, stressors, the potential of a dual diagnosis with a mental health condition, and embark on a spiritual journey. Eventually, they’ll work on putting together a plan that will assist in attaining the goal of long-term sobriety. Don’t let alcoholism control your loved one’s life for another day. Call 866-957-4960 today to get help.

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