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12 Steps, One Giant Disappointment? Legitimate Alcoholic Treatment Starts with Detox

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In recent years, far too many people have had to learn the hard way that alcoholism is always a downward spiral. Once the disease takes hold of one’s body and soul, the only realistic way back from personal devastation and destruction is through alcoholic treatment from a professional drug and alcohol rehab facility.

Trying Other Options

For a variety of reasons, people dealing with alcoholism will try to avoid going to rehab by choosing other options for recovery. Those who decide to stop “cold turkey” are destined for failure, not to mention the possible health risks related to withdrawal symptoms. Still, other people will try attending 12-step meetings, hoping that other individuals who are recovering from alcoholism can show them the way. While that might sound like a viable option, it fails to address the physical, physiological and psychological need for alcohol.

The Best Alcoholic Treatment Option

Time and again, alcoholic treatment from a reputable alcohol treatment center has proven to be the best and most reliable option for recovery from alcoholism. At a facility like the Stepping Stone Center for Recovery, licensed professional counselors and clinicians have a variety of treatment options at their disposal. Depending on the specific needs of their patients, they have an excellent record of success at developing custom alcoholic treatment plans that create lasting recoveries.

The Importance of Detox to the Alcoholic Treatment Process

Given how alcohol devastates a person’s body, rehab centers like the Stepping Stone Center for Recovery know that a legitimate treatment plan has to start with the detox process. Detoxification is necessary to help eliminate the physical and psychological cravings for alcohol. As alcohol is eliminated from their system, patients are better able to focus on the rest of the treatment process. With all of this in mind, they maintain an in-house detox facility to help with the continuity of treatment. After a successful detox treatment, it’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts of treatment. The Stepping Stone Center for Recovery uses inpatient drug treatment and intensive outpatient treatment programs as the primary basis for treatment. Each plan is customized for the patients, using dual-diagnosis treatment to treat any underlying mental health conditions, family therapy, individual and group counseling, holistic treatment methods and an emphasis on better physical health through exercise and nutrition. At the end of the process, patients leave rehab with an aftercare plan designed to help them avoid relapses. If you’re ready to beat back your demons and stop drinking, it’s time to contact Stepping Stone Center for Recovery. We can take you through a detox process and into a custom treatment plan that will prepare you for a better life without the need to keep hiding behind alcohol. Call 866-957-4960 today and let’s get you on the road to a successful recovery.

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