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Alcoholism is Helping Decrease the Population

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In the article “Alcohol Diseases Double in 7 Years”, a study was done in England that indicated: 1.2 million people in England needing in-patient hospital treatment for alcohol-related cancers, liver diseases and poisoning in 2010-11. There have already been over 7,000 hospital admissions for young people under the age of 18 in 2011 that are alcohol-related. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention did a study from 2007 indicating that the numbers of liver disease deaths were 14,406, and the number of alcohol-induced deaths excluding accidents and homicides was 23,199. These numbers have most likely increased over the years. It seems that the disease of alcoholism is doing just what it claims: destroying and killing. Alcoholism continues to plague our society as a socially acceptable legal liquid drug. Stores sell hangover remedies as if drinking enough alcohol to suffer withdrawal symptoms is a matter of fact. It is interesting to see the statistics on people dying from abusing alcohol and the number of sicknesses it brings which definitely needs to continually be updated. Alcoholism is so strong that it continues to convince people that nothing is wrong with consuming it despite the facts. Education on alcoholism treatment can help reduce these statistics.

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