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Alcoholism Among Women Increasing

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The amount of women who are drinking alcoholically in the United States is increasing. The increase of women who are struggling with alcoholism is causing an increase in the need for both intervention and alcohol treatment that is catered towards females. Studies show that women that grew up in the time period following World War II are more susceptible to alcoholism as more women have entered the workforce while still being expected to keep a good mother and wife. That is a lot of pressure for anyone to handle and as a result, women may be turning to alcohol to help them cope with the pressure of everyday life. Women turn to alcohol to deal with stress because it is socially acceptable and does not come with the same stereotypes as drugs do. Obviously coping with stress with the use of alcohol can lead to extremely negative consequences. If a lady feels like alcohol may be a problem in their life then chances are they are right. The sooner that a woman seeks out help for a drinking problem the better chance they will have at achieving sobriety while avoiding a relapse. While relapse is common with alcohol abuse it is not a necessity. Many have been able to get treatment for alcohol abuse and avoid suffering a relapse. Learning how to deal with stress in a healthy manner is pertinent in order to stay sober. Quality addiction treatment centers realize the difference and care that men and women need. Women have to deal with stress that men don’t and therefore need addiction treatment that is specifically designed for them. Many women are afraid to admit that they need help in fear of being viewed as weak or not being able to handle their life. The truth is that everyone needs help at some point and addiction treatment can be the helping hand that a woman needs to overcome alcoholism and lead the life that they desire.

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