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Amy Winehouse Addiction Ends Tragically

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On July 23 Amy Winehouse sadly passed away. She was ridiculously talented but unfortunately was just as well known for her public fight with addiction as she was for her soulful, award-winning voice. Her untimely death at the young age of 27 is another passing that I believe could have been avoided if proper treatment were complete and those surrounding Amy Winehouse were more educated about the disease of addiction. Amy Winehouse, like many others who fight addiction had attempted to get help through addiction treatment on more than occasion. Each time she went she would either leave early or go back to her hard-partying ways shortly after completing drug rehab. Unfortunately all the partying finally caught up to the ridiculously talented soul singer. While there has not been an official announcement on the cause of Winehouse’s death most are presuming that it is from an overdose. To say the least, watching someone with addiction deteriorate is sad. If addiction is not addressed properly a person will suffer severe negative consequences which can include death. For people who have had failed attempts at drug addiction treatment, it is likely going to be necessary for them to participate in long-term treatment where they can learn how to live and cope with trials and tribulations of everyday life without having to rely on chemical dependency. Addiction treatment provides a safe, protective environment for clients to address the issues that are causing them to abuse drugs and alcohol. The sooner that help is sought out the better chance at living a life free of chemical dependency. The more a person relapses the easier it becomes for them to pick up and use again. While the death of Amy Winehouse is awful hopefully others will learn from this tragic story.  With the proper help, it is possible to put an end to addiction which can be potentially fatal. The loss of Amy Winehouse is another lesson that proves while addiction is a serious disease that needs the utmost attention.

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