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Are Drugs Destroying Your Relationship?

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When we are abusing drugs, we do things that we wouldn’t normally think of doing. We aren’t proud of most of the things we do. Hurting our significant others is a common outcome of our drug abuse. Although we may not have the intention of hurting them, it is inevitable. This problem affects many couples. Seeking addiction treatment is the only way that we can stop the cycle of abuse.

The Vicious Cycle of Destruction

According to the American Journal of Public Health, drug abuse increases the risk of emotional and physical abuse among partners. Our drug problem causes a vicious circle of destruction in our relationship: Drug use causes conflict, the conflict leads to more drug use to reduce stress, conflict about the drug use escalates and then we use again. This cycle never ends. When tension builds because of our addiction, we may blow up on our partner. We may also use physical, verbal or emotional abuse to control our access to drugs.

Drugs: Winning, My Relationship: Losing

There might be a lot going on in your relationship and you may not know for sure if you’re in trouble. If you are still questioning if your drug use is harming your relationship, try answering these questions:

  1. Are many of your arguments about your drug use or drug-related issues about money problems, staying out late or all night and not taking care of your obligations?
  2. Does your partner have to cover for you such as call in sick for you at work?
  3. Are you doing drugs to cope with the arguments you are having with your partner?
  4. Have your fights become physical when you were under the influence of drugs?
  5. Have you put down your partner when you were on drugs?
  6. Do you need to be high to be affectionate towards your partner?
  7. Have you ever argued or become physical when your partner has attempted to keep you from using drugs?
  8. Do you not spend time with your family and friends because your partner is trying to hide your drug use?

If you said yes to any of these questions, your relationship may be in trouble. It seems that drugs have come between you and your partner. It can be said that your drug of choice has become your lover and is threatening to break apart your relationship. Ask yourself, “Is doing drugs more important than being with my partner?” Only you can answer that question. If you do feel like your relationship is worth saving, you must do something about it. If you don’t take action, your relationship will continue to unravel until there is nothing left.

Getting Your Relationship Back On Course

Drug addiction causes problems in our relationships. Hoping that the problems fix themselves or go away won’t work. We must work on fixing the problems, but we can only do so when we are not using. Once we are abstinent from drugs, we can see the big picture and think clearly. Stepping Stone Center can help us get our lives and relationships back on track. Through our drug and alcohol rehab and family program for addiction, you can begin breaking away from drugs while working with your partner on your relationship.

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