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Avoid Suboxone by Attacking Addiction Head On In Addiction Treatment

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Used properly, prescription pain medications can be very beneficial in helping individuals to manage either chronic or acute pain. However, when taken for nonmedical purposes, prescription drugs can come with the great liability of drug addiction. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are an estimated 1.9 million people throughout the country that meet abuse and dependence criteria for prescription drugs. Some people who struggle with prescription drugs seek out help through the means of drugs such as Suboxone and buprenorphine. While these drugs help curve the cravings that people have for opiates that are in drugs such as Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycontin, they can also create problems for the user. It is not uncommon for a former heroin addict or prescription drug abuser to need help for an addiction to Suboxone through drug detox and addiction treatment. In short, taking Suboxone is merely substituting one addictive drug for another. The best and most efficient way to treat addiction to prescription drugs is for an individual to first go through a medically supervised drug detox and then a drug rehab center. There are no shortcuts when it comes to beating addiction and taking a drug such as Suboxone. Addiction treatment helps its clients to cope with the issues that were causing them to abuse drugs in the first place. Dealing with the root issues of addiction is much more effective than turning to other drugs. Addicts will likely abuse any drugs that they can get their hands on which is why it is best to attack drug addiction head-on with a plan that will allow a person to be completely abstinent from all drugs and alcohol.

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