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Born Dependent on Drugs

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If you are doing drugs, getting the next high is your main priority. Going to work, paying your bills, being a good wife or mother, unfortunately, is no longer important. Children of addicts get the worst of the situation. Every day these children are trying to survive the hazards of sharing a roof with an addict parent. Though this may seem heartbreaking, newborns start with a near insurmountable obstacle: Being born dependent on drugs or alcohol. When a child is born, hospital staff tests the baby’s blood for alcohol and drugs. If the baby tests positive for any substance, he or she begins a long road in the child welfare system. However, that is the least of that baby’s problems. Depending on what type of drug the mother used while pregnant, the infant may go through agonizing pain to get the substances out of its little body or the medical and developmental problems begin soon after. Addicted babies struggle to survive their first few weeks and even then, face a long, uphill battle. They have no maternal bond and face instability and developmental, physical and behavioral issues. Why put your child at such a disadvantage? If you are addicted and pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you should seek drug addiction treatment. Drug rehab will help you and your child have a better life. Don’t let drugs get in the way of your family. Let Stepping Stone Center give you the strength and skills you need to live your life drug-free. Your children will thank you for it.

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