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Brooke Mueller Is Living Proof of How Powerful Addiction Is

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Early this morning, Brooke Mueller the former wife of Charlie Sheen was spotted in an Inglewood, California pawn shop trying to sell a fancy men’s watch along with a stereo. While I don’t want to just come out and say that Brooke Mueller who is now famously known as someone who struggles with the disease of addiction relapsed all of the signs are pointing towards an unfortunate relapse. Brooke Mueller is in a custody battle for her children and still it seems like she is unable to maintain her sobriety. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is so powerful that no matter how much money you have or what reasons an individual has to get and stay sober overcoming addiction is no easy task. The physiological and psychological obsession that comes with addiction can be too much to handle no matter what reasons a person has to stay sober or what consequences they know they are likely to face if they don’t stay abstinent from drugs. When it comes to overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol it is often necessary for an individual to remove themselves from their current surroundings and go to the safe, guarded, and supportive environment of an addiction treatment center. Addiction treatment helps each client step by step overcome the physiological and psychological dependency caused by alcohol abuse and drug addiction. If the signs are true and Brooke Mueller has indeed relapsed it is going to be necessary for her to take a step back and realize that the time she spends in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is likely to save her a lot of headache and heartache in the future. Addiction treatment is proven to have helped millions of people overcome their addiction and help them to go onto lead happy and productive lives free of chemical dependency.

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