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Celine Dion Supports Addiction Recovery

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Celine Dion’s photographer, Laurent Cayla, is in recovery and is publishing a book about Dion’s family with her blessing. Dion spoke to Cayla about his substance addiction issues by giving him some kind words instead of harsh confrontation. Dion touches a cross Cayla had around his neck and in passing states, “I know you will pull out of this.” Her photographer has been in and out of drug rehab; however, he states her words inspired him. Currently Cayla is writing a book intertwining his life experiences while working with Dion as her photographer. She gave him permission to use intimate photos which show her family up close and personal. Cayla credits Dion and family for her support and his ability to maintain recovery. In the preface of his book he writes, “ This book exists today so that a story of suffering and endurance can be told. Without this story and Celine and Rene’s support, I sincerely believe that I would not be alive.” Half of the proceeds made from this book will go to the Celine Dion Foundation to assist others with drug addictions. Dion is an inspiration for her dedication and support of a recovering friend and photographer. A great lesson to remember is how the smallest of comments can have a huge impact on someone’s life. Cayla has 5 ½ years clean today and Dion continues to support him.

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