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Cinco de Mayo – A Trigger for Addicts in Recovery

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The meaning behind Cinco de Mayo has been minimized over time with individuals who are looking for a reason to let loose and drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Cinco de Mayo’s commemorates when the Mexican army was victorious over France in 1862. The Mexicans celebrated this victory with parades, mariachi music, and street festivals. Today, the tradition continues across Mexico and the United States with celebrations. One triumphant day, 150 years ago, is now considered a Mexican St. Patrick’s Day, filled with alcohol use at the forefront of the celebration. With increased alcohol abuse, there is an increased police presence to protect others from those who will be driving drunk this Saturday. In 2011, Arizona police arrested 101 people for DUIs during the weekend of Cinco de Mayo. The stats surrounding Cinco de Mayo DUIs in Arizona are similar across the United States. This holiday is on the radar for police officers, drug rehab programs, and recovering addicts. An individual’s judgment is inhibited when using alcohol. Increased consequences occur as a direct result, making Cinco de Mayo a trigger for addicts in recovery. Stay clean this weekend. Use relapse prevention techniques for unwanted feelings related to old memories during this holiday. If you find yourself struggling, call other people in the fellowship of recovery that will be able to support you through this time. Plan a sober way to spend holidays and stay one step ahead of the disease of addiction.

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