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Consequences of Addiction Leaves Lisa Marie Presley Fatherless at Age 8

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Elvis Presley died in August of 1977 leaving behind his 8-year-old daughter, Lisa Marie. Presley is most widely recognized for his music, charisma and selfless acts; unfortunately, he also had a publicized drug related problem. His drug addiction complicated his medical issues which ended his life prematurely. This had a negative impact on his fans, family and especially his daughter, Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie Presley recently gave an interview in Elle magazine describing her father dying when she was 8 years old and the devastation she felt. She describes growing up under a microscope and having her failed relationships and issues with drug addiction made public.

She also spoke about a haunting feeling of ‘being dead at the age of 42’ as she believed she would not live longer than her father. Fortunately, she has now succeeded in living longer than Elvis Presley and now as a mature adult, is able to reflect on her past mistakes with more insight. A father-daughter relationship is irreplaceable and it seems Presley had to discover for herself that drugs, alcohol, and men would not replace what was taken from her at such a young age. Many times addicts will look for love in all the wrong places hoping to fill the void. When the void is being filled by the wrong things, the fix is a temporary feeling. In this type of situation, it is important for addicts to resolve the void feeling in a healthy way to end the self-destructive behavioral patterns. Presley finishes discussing her father by remarking how emotional she gets because he was robbed of meeting her husband and children.

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