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Dangerous Drinking Trends

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Young people are always finding ways to get drunk. Whether they are underage or of legal drinking age, it seems that they are looking to get drunk faster. The extreme drinking methods practiced to achieve a quick buzz seem bizarre and dangerous and may be growing in popularity. Below are six dangerous drinking fads that are causing a buzz around the world. Alcohol Enemas (Butt Chugging): This involves a rubber hose and a funnel. You can guess where it goes. The idea behind this method is that the alcohol is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream through the lining of your colon, resulting in intoxication. What people don’t realize is that the alcohol still reaches the liver, but in higher concentrations than if it had been through the stomach. This is too much for the liver to handle and can lead to alcohol poisoning or death. This form of getting drunk has received a lot of attention lately. A fraternity member from the University of Tennessee was rushed to the hospital for severe alcohol poisoning. Medical staff suspected alcohol enemas when they saw the young man’s injuries. Although he claims that the “butt chugging” didn’t really happen, the public remains skeptical. Alcohol Tampons: Alcohol soaked tampons are inserted into the rectum or vagina and alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream through the membrane walls. Girls and boys have used this technique of getting drunk. However, the consequences are devastating. According to Dr. Lisa Masterson, co-host of the TV show “The Doctors,” this practice would destroy vaginas. Drinking Purell: It’s not just used to clean hands. This seemingly innocent product can provide a potent 120-proof shot. The ethyl alcohol found in hand sanitizer is toxic and can lead to a visit to the hospital.  California Poison Control officials tracked about 2,600 cases of hand sanitizer ingestion since 2010. With the accessibility of hand sanitizer, the cases of ingestion will continue to rise. Vodka Eyeballing: Popular at British universities, this painful method of getting drunk has made it across the pond and is growing in popularity. A shot of vodka is taken through the eye. The alcohol passes easily through the mucous membrane and enters the bloodstream directly through veins at the back of the eye. According to British physicians, the eye can swell and blood vessels in the eye can clot, causing damage. Vodka Snorting: Another fad from the UK and just as painful. Snorting vodka or any type of alcohol is done for the same reason, to get drunk faster. It has even been reported that vodka is being sold in thin tubes for easier access. Just like the other methods of extreme drinking, alcohol gets absorbed into the bloodstream faster. However, this practice damages the nose. Injecting Alcohol: Injecting alcohol straight into your vein is a grisly act and a sure-fire way to get drunk fast. However, this can go terribly wrong and has many dangers, including alcohol poisoning, damaged veins, infection, internal bleeding, and death. One video clip from the MTV show “Jackass” shows alcohol via intravenous injection. The grotesque video shows the host drunk after taking in five shots that were poured into the IV bag. These dangerous drinking fads are causing an increase in emergency hospital visits, permanent damage and even death. These extreme drinking methods should not be practiced by anyone because there is so much at stake. Drinking can be a risky habit. So many things can go wrong, even when drinking in a conventional way.  But trying these extreme drinking trends raises the danger level. If you or a loved one is drinking to excess and putting their lives or the lives of others at risk, then alcohol may be a problem and you should consider alcohol rehab. Don’t continue risking your life for a buzz. Call Stepping Stone Center now at 866-957-4960 and begin living a life free of alcohol.

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