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DEA Showing Concern over Bath Salts

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Synthetic drugs that are being sold with an identity of bath salts have caught the serious attention of the DEA. These bath salts produce very similar effects to cocaine and crystal meth and directly affect an individual’s central nervous system and lead to health issues such as an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Abuse of these bath salts can even cause stroke and heart attacks. Individuals who have abused these bath salts report that they experienced paranoia, hallucinations, and even suicidal thoughts. While many states around the country have banned this dangerous substance from being sold in a common store or gas station it is still easily obtainable on various different websites. This addictive bath salt that is most commonly snorted to get high is commonly sold under names as Zoom, Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, and Red Dove. Many individuals who suffer from addiction and can’t abuse other drugs because of probation or other problems with the law and are turning to these dangerous bath salts as they are not yet easily detectable in drug tests. Bath salts are the newest drug that can be legally obtained that is taking the country by storm. While the government is doing all it can to make these drugs harder to obtain people are still finding a way. Suffering drug addicts will stop at nothing to keep their addiction going. Though bath salts sound innocent enough there is already documented incidents of people taking their own life while abusing this potent drug.

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