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Deadly Misconception

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There is a false sense of security with prescription drugs—they can’t be that bad if they are legal, right? For rapper Eminem, his denial about being an addict almost cost him his life in 2007. He comes forward now and opens up about his addiction in the documentary, “How to Make Money Selling Drugs.” Denial Can Kill In the new documentary, Eminem recalled the first time he ever took Vicodin and was feeling relaxed and free of pain. It was a slippery slope for the rapper. He didn’t realize his prescription drug misuse was a problem; he just knew that he had to continue chasing the feeling. Like many other addicts, Eminem was in denial about his addiction. He was aggressive and angry at anyone who called him an addict or even suggested that he had a problem. He felt that because he was not using illicit drugs like heroin, crack or cocaine, he was not an addict. He thought he had his habit under control but this was far from reality. He was rushed to the hospital with a failing liver and kidneys, but his brush with death was not enough to keep him from relapsing a month later. He lived day to day with the morbid realization that his death was imminent.

Hard Lesson Learned

He found sobriety but the drug detox period was a painful experience for him, plagued with severe insomnia. He had to regain his motor skills and speech as a result of his prescription drug addiction. However, he has lived to see another day and continued success in his career. He realized that he could function and enjoy life without misusing drugs. That’s the twofold danger of prescription drugs: They have legitimate uses AND many people use them to get high. With both use and abuse, addiction can still be a concern.

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