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Disfiguring Drug Sweeps Russia

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Addicts in Russia have become desperate to achieve heroin high in the midst of the rise in the price of heroin. Heroin addicts have found that the simple mixing of codeine with some household items such as iodine and industrial cleaning oil combined create a poor substitute for the heroin rush. This synthetic heroin is known as Krokodil, “the poor man’s drug”, and it is extremely addictive. It is more potent than heroin and is a poison which causes your flesh to rot and fall off exposing bone. The negative impact of this drug happens almost immediately and the smell of iodine on Krokodil addict’s clothing is overwhelming. Krokodil addicts are using this drug despite the negative effects. Krokodil is more difficult to kick than heroin and produces devastating withdrawal symptoms. The pain symptoms of withdrawal can last up to one month and then the addict must deal with the disfigurement issues that the drug produces.

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