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Doctors Don’t Know Everything about Pain Pills

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The majority of people who struggle with any type of chronic pain usually consult with a primary physician. Often time’s ibuprofen isn’t enough to alleviate whatever chronic pain is being experienced. Narcotic drugs like Vicodin, Percocet, and OxyContin are common drugs that physicians will prescribe to help them get comfortable. While these drugs may be excellent in helping with pain there is also a substantial risk that other health issues can surface if not monitored in a proper fashion by the treating physician. It is important to know that more people lose their life to accidental overdoses on prescription medications then both cocaine and heroin combined. Without moderating prescription medication addiction to them can occur at a rapid rate and once that happens it will be extremely difficult for an individual to control the physiologically and psychologically urges for drugs.  In general, there is a lack of knowledge that is a necessity in order for dangerous prescription medications to be taken safely. When seeking out help for chronic pain it is important to find a physician that is going to play close attention as to how often drugs are administered to minimize the chances of addiction occurring. Prescription painkillers are just as dangerous as illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Once hooked on prescription drugs they are likely to lead to jails and other institutes as the addicted will stop at nothing to continue to feed their drug addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with the disease of addiction help is available. The sooner that help is sought out the better.

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