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Don’t Beat Yourself Up

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It’s hard to stand back and watch someone destroy his or her life with alcohol. You know if they continue drinking, they will end up in jail or dead. Your loved one needs to get treatment for alcoholism so, like a good spouse, parent, child or friend, you intervene. You might even stage an intervention with a group of loved ones to get the point across. Surely, your loved one will open their eyes to the destruction and agree to go to alcohol rehab. But even the best planned out intervention might not get the result you want.

I’m Fine, Really!

It’s devastating when someone you love refuses much-needed help. The reality is that you can’t force a person to go to treatment. It might seem confusing and frustrating to you: Why can’t they realize the damage that drinking is causing? Knowing how the disease of addiction works helps you understand the situation better. Addiction acts like blinders. All you see is your next drink; all you can think about is your next drink. You don’t realize the chaos around you. This is why an alcoholic can seem oblivious or even deny that there is anything wrong at all.

Don’t Forget Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up if your loved one chooses not to get help. You can’t force someone to go to alcohol rehab. The best way to help them is by letting them know that you won’t be supporting their drinking any longer. When he or she realizes that they don’t have you to manipulate or depend on, he or she will begin to assess the problems their alcoholism has caused. Getting help for you is essential to get through this difficult time. When they do begin recovery, your relationship with your loved one will be healthier.

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