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Drug & Alcohol Abuse Resource Guide

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The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a major problem for millions of teenagers, adults, and families. Sadly, many teens begin using drugs or alcohol during adolescence and it can often lead to problems with addiction as an adult. The good news is that there are excellent educational programs, medical treatments and support systems available for anyone who is dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. It’s important for peers, teachers, and parents to know the signs of addiction and to be able to take the proper steps to get help.


Alcohol is the cause of thousands of deaths each year in the United States. Teens are often susceptible to alcohol abuse because their peers tend to drink, and may pressure others into drinking as well. Car accidents related to alcohol account for a large percentage of fatalities on the country’s highways every single day. Teenagers and adults who have an alcohol problem may drink it at school or work, at home or at odd hours of the day. If people are drinking often and especially alone, they may have an alcohol abuse problem. Learning about the negative health effects and the dangers of drinking and driving are elemental in preventing alcohol addiction and abuse.


Illegal drug use and abuse is a rampant problem among both teenagers and young adults. Some common drugs that people tend to abuse include marijuana, cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, heroin, and methamphetamines; but there are many more out there. Teens are often first exposed to drugs through other friends, at parties or at home. Some drugs can cause permanent brain damage, serious health problems, and death. In addition, many street drugs are illegal, and if you get caught having them in your possession, you may be arrested and charged. The use of illegal drugs over time is detrimental to your health and can also destroy lives. The abuse of drugs can result in many problems for the user and their family if not treated.

Prescription Drugs

Doctors prescribe medication to patients for a variety of reasons, such as to relieve pain, help calm anxiety or assist people with sleep. Using or selling prescription drugs to someone other than who the prescription was written for is both dangerous and illegal. If you get caught with prescription drugs that do not belong to you, it is a serious criminal offense. Teens may take prescription medications from their parents, adults may steal medication from sick parents or friend’s houses and both teens and adults may sell these medications to help support their addictions. Prescription medications are highly addictive and are dangerous to take without a doctor’s supervision.  Some commonly used or sold prescription drugs include oxycodone, Vicodin, morphine, Valium, and many other painkillers and anxiety medications. Avoid using any prescription medication that you were not prescribed.

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