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What Drug Makes You Heartless?

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After a two year legal battle, a man in Oregon, who was driving under the influence of methamphetamines, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for crashing into a young woman who was 5 months pregnant. Jack Dean Whiteaker angrily protested during the sentencing hearing claiming his innocence while the victim’s family read statements to the judge. In the end, Whiteaker was given the maximum sentence of 11 years, but at least he is alive and functioning whereas the victim, 21-year-old Cayla Wilson, has been in the hospital in a coma since 2010. This heartbreaking story is another display of how drugs have devastated an innocent family. Methamphetamines caused Whiteaker to slam his car, head on, into Wilson’s car. She was rushed to the hospital with fractures to her skull and jaw and has extensive brain damage. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Wilson had to give birth by emergency c-section to her daughter. Her daughter is nearly 2 years old now, but she also did not walk away from this incident free and clear. She had to get a shunt to divert fluids away from her brain and could suffer from vision problems for the rest of her life. You would think that this tragedy that he caused would make him feel remorseful, but it seems as if he couldn’t care less. He went on and on in the courtroom shouting that he was going to jail because of Wilson and would have to go without cigarettes and women for years. Methamphetamine addiction seems to have fried up his last cells of humanity and empathy. Drugs cannot only affect you but can impact others around you and change their lives forever. If you struggle with methamphetamine addiction, call the addiction specialists at Stepping Stone Center for Recovery. Don’t let addiction hurt you or anyone else. Call 866-841-2789 today.

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