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Drug Use in the Suburbs [Infographic]

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For decades, drug use has been considered an inner-city problem. In reality, however, that trend is changing rapidly. With the legalization of marijuana and the rise of the prescription drug epidemic, drug use in the suburbs is an increasing problem that society can no longer ignore.

Most Teen Heroin Users are White Suburban Residents

In years past, heroin users were often non-white, inner-city residents. Today, heroin addiction statistics show that users are younger than ever, and that isn’t the only change. Approximately 90% of heroin users in their teens are white. Furthermore, that same 90% live in rural and suburban areas rather than in cities. Clearly, heroin use is a widespread, non-discriminating problem,

Half of all Heroin Users Started With Prescription Opiates

It would be a mistake to skip over the profound impact of prescription opiates on suburban drug use. Doctors and physicians prescribe these medications at alarming rates, and many of the recipients are suburban residents. When prescription opiates become too expensive or too difficult to obtain, many of these suburban dwellers seek alternatives like heroin.

Most Heroin Users Don’t Live in Cities

In the Journal of the American Medical Association, one fact about heroin users stands out: 75% of them don’t live in the cities. This is a serious departure from decades past, as well as lingering stereotypes. This statistic demonstrates that drug use—and in particular heroin use—is far from an issue only pertinent to city residents.

Baby Boomers Experienced Over 12,000 Overdoses in 2013

Drug use is commonly considered to be something that impacts younger individuals, but that is another rapidly-changing demographic. Since 1990, drug overdoses for baby boomers—or those born between 1946–1964—had multiplied 11-fold. This, too, is likely a direct result of widespread prescription opiate use.

Marijuana Legalization May Increase Drug Use in the Suburbs

In more than 17 states, medical or recreational marijuana use is legal.  Legalization causes a more relaxed attitude for many, as well as an underestimation about the dangers of addiction. Drug use isn’t something that only happens in certain areas. Addiction can occur anywhere, and drug use in the suburbs is a serious concern. With individualized treatment, however, men and women can end a drug addiction for good and live the fulfilling life you truly deserve. Call 866-957-7298 to learn more about the Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida.

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