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Euclid, Ohio Struggles with Rising Addiction and Alcoholism

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Heroin abuse is on the rise in Euclid, Ohio. Once addicted to Heroin the suffering addict has no other goals and is left only with the ambition of getting and using more heroin.  As a result, the addicted will steal from their family, friends, and neighbors. In addition, jobs will be lost and eventually, the addict will get into trouble with the law and experience health problems that could include death.  Once addicted to heroin an individual will not be able to stop on there own and will need the assistance of drug addiction treatment. Quality drug addiction treatment offers a number of different services such as individual and group therapy, education classes, relapse prevention classes, and family programs.  All are very instrumental if one is to achieve a long-lasting recovery. As drug use goes up in Euclid, Ohio so does the need for a quality drug rehab program.  Untreated, drug abuse can lead to countless problems.  Drug abuse over an extended period of time can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s health.  Addiction to drugs makes an individual more suspect to HIV, liver and heart disease, cancer and strokes.  If a woman is pregnant there are major health risks for the unborn child. Along with health issues, drug abuse can lead to violent crimes.  Crimes such as domestic abuse, murder, and rape are commonly linked to drug addiction.  An individual’s education, career or personal relationships will usually suffer major consequences.  The long term goal of a drug rehab program is to assist a client in achieving long-term abstinence from drugs.  In a quality rehab program, clients will benefit from individual and group therapy.  This permits individuals to discuss their cravings and withdrawal symptoms as well as learn how to cope with them in the long-term. With the economy suffering the way it has been alcohol abuse is becoming more prevalent throughout the country.  Euclid, Ohio is no different.  It is a fact that as the economy has fallen alcohol sales have increased. Unfortunately, this results in more alcohol abuse and the need for alcohol rehab programs.  Recovering from alcohol addiction requires both a psychological change as well as a physical one.  In order to have success recovering from alcohol addiction, it is pertinent for the alcoholic to be honest with themselves and the people who are trying to help them.  An alcohol rehab program will provide the environment and support that is necessary in early recovery.

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