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Florida: Drug Rehab and Pain Clinics

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The pain clinic boom had its peak and most success (if you can call it that) in south Florida. Drug rehab centers are also concentrated in Florida. Before the state’s 2010 crackdown on the pill mills, there were more than 250 pain clinics just in Palm Beach and Broward counties. Drug rehab treatment centers are also common in Florida, offering the top of the line experts in treating addiction.  I don’t know if there is a correlation, but it seems likely.

Places for Help

Pain clinics and drug rehab centers have another thing in common besides their clients: They are places for support. Addicts who seek out either of these places are looking for help in Florida. Drug rehab and pain clinics are places where you can get what you are looking for, but they just offer it in different forms. A pain clinic helps you stay free from sickness by making you stay dependent on drugs. Drug rehab helps you get off drugs, freeing you from ever having to experience sickness again unless you relapse.

Location Does Matter

Drug rehab centers in Florida know a secret that the pain clinic owners were capitalizing on: Location does matter. The atmosphere in South Florida offers a relaxed lifestyle with great weather. Florida drug rehab centers have made Florida their home because of this. Stepping Stone Center for Recovery is a Florida drug rehab center that has been able to improve on what this location has to offer. Secluded away from city life, it is surrounded by nature and you feel a sense of peace when you are there. Pain clinics in super busy shopping plazas can’t provide that. Pain clinics capitalizing on chronic pain patients and addiction is the exploitation of people who really just need honest help. Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page. We would love to hear your thoughts about this issue.

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