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Genetics Can Lead to Cocaine Addiction

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A recent study, Abnormal Brain Structure Implicated in Stimulant Drug Addiction, documented that the presence of abnormalities in the brain related to cocaine addiction is found in the brain during childhood. Brain scan images of siblings were captured where one developed addiction and another did not. It is 8 times more likely for those children of addicts to develop an addiction. Family history including an addicted parent was also an indicator for this study. Findings suggested that although there are the same brain abnormalities in siblings, some developed addiction while the others did not. Addiction is always a combination of nature and nurture, which this study confirms. Further research will be done to examine factors contributing to why some siblings were able to avoid developing an addiction, while others were not. This would give the research and treatment community a better idea of how to work prevention programs for our youth. Knowing that your kids don’t have to develop the same disease of addiction despite statistics is a great feeling.

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