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Helpful Tips to Help Your Recovery From Addiction

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To put it mildly, recovery from addiction is a feat that requires a lot of work. It needs to be a priority in any recovering addict’s life. It is not an easy task to stay sober but completely possible. Here is a small list of helpful tips that can help anyone stay sober whether they have 1 day sober or 30 years sober.

  1. Keep a journal. Don’t just write about the bad things that have happened. (many journals tend to end up this way) Make sure to take note of all the positives that have happened during your sobriety as a reminder of how good things have gotten for you since you began your journey in recovery.
  2. Stay connected with others who are in recovery. No one understands the struggles of an addict then another addict.
  3. Everyone needs someone to talk to and confide in. Addicts are no different. Make sure you have at least one person who you feel comfortable in sharing all of your problems and concerns with no matter how bad they may seem. As it is said, “a problem shared is a problem cut in half”.
  4. Get a hobby or two. Many addicts find themselves at home isolating from the rest of the world. One of the worst things that an addict can do and one of the biggest causes of relapse is when an addict spends too much time alone.
  5. Take the disease of addiction seriously. You would treat any other chronic illness seriously. Addiction is no different and is capable of leaving someone for dead.

It is essential to remember that once you are an addict you will always be an addict. Therefore maintenance for sobriety is going to have to last a lifetime if a relapse is going to be avoided.

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