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Heroin is Deadly, Accessible and Extremely Cheap

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The opiate addiction curse is wreaking havoc on people’s lives throughout the United States. Despite reports confirming the death toll from the use of heroin and related drugs, people continue to use it. People who aren’t addicted often wonder why someone would continue to use heroin even though the risks are well known. The answer is that these people are suffering from a chronic disease which requires treatment. Heroin and opiates are distributed to the public by illegal narcotics traffickers and prescription drug companies every day, and with each passing year, these manufacturers find ways to make the drugs stronger and more addictive. In the effort to make them more effective, they also make them more lethal.

How do We Know That Heroin is Deadly?

Official reports from various agencies have confirmed that heroin is deadly again and again. In their 2014 annual report, the Florida Medical Examiner’s office found that occurrences of heroin found in decedents increased by 124.6 percent. Deaths as a direct result of heroin use went up 111.4 percent compared to their 2013 report. Make no mistake about it: heroin is deadly.

From Prescription to Addiction

Other findings in the report indicate an increase in the abuse of prescription opioids. These prescriptions often come in the wake of a pain-related doctor’s visit and are refilled for a short time afterward. Within the span of the first prescription, the patient often becomes addicted. Once the doctor decides the prescription is no longer needed, they deny refills. The patient is left in the horrible position of discovering that they have two choices: face dangerous and painful withdrawal symptoms or look to the black market to avoid them. The illicit drug market might be able to provide the prescription for a time. But if the patient doesn’t seek help, it is likely that they will wind up using heroin.

The Time to Get Help is Now

It becomes clearer every day that heroin is deadly. Officials throughout the country are finally beginning to acknowledge this as a great danger to public health, promoting better treatment coverage through insurance. If you or someone you know is struggling with this dangerous addiction, know that it can be overcome with the right help. Recovery is possible through professional treatment services and proper follow-up care. Not sure how to get started? We’re here to help with your questions. If you’re currently addicted and need help, Stepping Stone Center for Recovery can help you take the next step. If you’re concerned about someone you care about, we’re here to let you know the most effective way to get involved. Don’t let this dangerous drug take another life – call us at 866-957-4960 now for help.

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