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In Maine OxyContin Abuse Bites As Hard As The Lobster Do

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It used to be that the state of Maine was best known for its delicious lobster. Maine is quickly earning the reputation of having an abundantly large population trying to recover from OxyContin addiction. In Maine, the number of individuals recovering from OxyContin addiction is eight times larger than any other state in the country.  The rise of OxyContin abuse in Maine is so drastic that it is being compared to the epidemic with crack that took place in the early 1980s. OxyContin which is produced by Purdue Pharma is an opiate-based substance and is often referred to as synthetic heroin. Individuals who are addicted to OxyContin will stop at no lengths to feed their deadly disease as the number of pharmacies that were robbed, some at gunpoint, for the lethal drug increased from two in 2008, to seven in 2009 to twenty-one in 2010. More residents in Maine have entered an addiction treatment program at one time or another to get help for their addiction to Oxycontin. Research backs up the hypothesis that OxyContin and other prescription drugs are easier to obtain than illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine. Many have the misconception that prescription drugs are safer than illegal “street” drugs. The truth is that they are just as addictive and dangerous as any drug out there. Addiction to prescription drugs can quickly lead one down a dark road. Without professional help recovering from an addiction to OxyContin and other prescription pills can be nearly impossible. Addiction treatment offers the help necessary to get over both the physiological and psychological addiction that is a result of prescription drug abuse.

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