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Relationships Drowning in Alcohol

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Save Your Relationship
So many relationships are strained or permanently damaged because of alcohol. Many couples may think that they have more fun when they have a few drinks. However, we all know that adding alcohol to any situation can end messy. It’s so common to hear stories about drunken couples arguing or doing something they regret to their partners. You know you have seen a couple screaming at each other (sometimes incoherently) in the parking lot of a bar or club. It is painful to watch and even worse if you are in the drunken argument.

For Trouble, Just Add Alcohol

You encounter conflict in your relationship daily. If you are in a good relationship, you will be able to work things out with your partner with open communication and open-mindedness, no matter how big and serious the conflict is. However, conflict fueled by alcohol creates negative outcomes. When alcohol is flowing freely, it can change our perception, turning a meaningless look or statement into a catastrophic insult. Some common consequences of alcohol taking over a relationship are:

  • Jealousy and paranoia
  • Arguing when drunk
  • Breaking up several times when under the influence of alcohol
  • Physical or emotional abuse toward your partner

You and your partner know that alcohol is covering up many underlying issues, either personal or relational. You both may use the excuse of being drunk to act out or to open up about problems within the relationship. However, this is not the best way to approach these issues because your judgment is impaired. Not being able to see the situation clearly will make it impossible to solve.

Proceed with Caution

There is no way to avoid conflict, but there is a smarter way to approach it. Here are some things to consider with your partner:

  • Eliminate alcohol, especially when there is tension between you and your significant other. Adding alcohol will just be adding fuel to the fire.
  • If you have had unresolved issues recently, try to work them out sober. You may want to take some time away from the subject before revisiting it.
  • If your partner has been drinking and is trying to get a rise out of you or start an argument, don’t fall for the trap. Let them talk all the nonsense out. In the end, you can’t reason with an intoxicated person.

If you feel like this is happening often, then you and your partner need to see the main problem. If you or your loved one is drinking often, then the most important thing is to address the alcohol problem. The relationship will have to wait until the drinking issue is addressed. Seeking treatment for an alcohol or drug problem is the best way to begin to resolve issues.

Find Your Way Out

Can you spend time with your partner without alcohol? If you can’t imagine what that would look like, then alcohol may be a problem. Stepping Stone Center offers comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment, as well as a family program that can help a significant other understand alcoholism. This gives you both the opportunity to address all relationship issues as well as other issues. Don’t let alcohol ruin your relationships. Call Stepping Stone Center at 866-957-4960 and find a healthy life and relationship.

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