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Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Enters Prescription Drug Rehab

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Reality television continues to encourage people to think unhealthy lifestyle patterns are normal among young adults. Fortunately, one reality star, The Situation from The Jersey Shore television program, has decided to go to drug rehab for prescription drug addiction. Mike Sorrentino (aka The Situation) was spotted at a drug rehab center and then later confirmed that he has checked into addiction treatment to help with his exhaustion due to his chaotic schedule and his addiction to prescription painkillers. Sorrentino got his name from different antics that encompassed his life. Over time during the series of the show, we watched as Sorrentino’s behavior became more isolated, erratic and less social which are all red flags that something is not right. Again, television producers are capitalizing on addicts for monetary gain; however, it is not only the fault of the producers but also the consumers who love to watch comedic occurrences that addiction produces. Consumers also ignore the self-destructive behavior and damage that is actually being done until a celebrity hits rock bottom, checks into rehab or dies. Drug rehabilitation for Sorrentino will be a good start. Hopefully, it will teach him to make better decisions which will lead him to behave better. No commitments have been made for his return to the next season of The Jersey Shore; however, it may be in his best interest to not return to the same environment that fostered his drug dependency. So many times addicts think that it is ok to return right away after addiction treatment to the same environment. The opportunity should not be overlooked to go into a halfway house after rehabilitation for prescription drug addiction, especially if you have the flexibility and the chance to do so.

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