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Has Anyone Seen Molly?

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Drug rehab admits are often young adults and teens that have had negative consequences of ecstasy use. Ultra Festival/Winter Music Conference in Miami, a well known electronic music festival, is heavily correlated with substance abuse, particularly MDMA (-ecstasy). Easily influenced youth listened intently as Madonna surprised the crowd at the music festival announcing, “Has anyone seen Molly?” Molly is another word for the substance known as MDMA often referred to as ecstasy. Patrons of Ultra did not assume she was talking about her friend… This has enraged sober House DJ Deadmau5 who has spoken out about the seasoned star. Deadmau5 states, “‘that’s your big message to Ultra attendees? Hipster speak for looking for drugs? YOU IDIOT.” He chose his words carefully and seems to be on the same page as many fans of electronic music who are outraged about Madonna’s lack of tact and responsibility. Most comments stated that she used a drug term directly promoting ecstasy in her question. The argument on Twitter is that she should have been more careful with her celebrity influence. Musicians should allow their careers to age gracefully. Madonna is a star and she does not need to stoop to antics to gain popularity. Her new album is promoted and purchased based upon the loyalty of her fans. Unfortunately, many influential youths will interpret this situation as Madonna uses MDMA. Hopefully, Madonna will get on board with educating our youth on understanding that addiction to MDMA will lead to drug rehab. Source: DailyMail

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