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Five Popular Myths About Addiction That Hinder Recovery

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When it comes to recovery, myths about addiction can be stumbling blocks for patients as well as their families. Many myths may have some small basis in facts or anecdotal evidence, but some are entirely false, posing a serious threat to those interested in recovery. By exploring five of the most common addiction myths; patients and their families can find the truth and get on the path toward true recovery.

Addiction Myth #1: Hitting Rock Bottom is Necessary for Recovery

One of the most dangerous myths about addiction is that people have to hit rock bottom before they can be ready to commit to recovery. The biggest problem with this is that rock bottom isn’t a quantifiable event. Things can always get worse, and patients who wait to attempt recovery may be at serious risk of losing their lives.

Addiction Myth #2: Addiction Signifies a Lack of Willpower

Another myth about addiction has to do with willpower. Addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs or any other substance, has nothing to do with a person’s ability to say no. Addiction is a disease, and those who suffer from addiction are in no way inferior to those who don’t suffer.

Addiction Myth #3: People Suffering from Addiction Can’t Function in Society

This is a particularly dangerous addiction myth because it can prevent those addicted to drugs or alcohol from seeking the addiction treatment they need. While some individuals with addictions may end up in dire circumstances, many can seemingly function in their daily lives. It’s possible to be addicted to a dangerous substance and still go to work, drive a vehicle and socialize with friends. However, functioning in society certainly doesn’t indicate that a person isn’t also suffering from addiction.

Addiction Myth #4: Individuals Can Only be Addicted to One Substance

One of the more troubling myths about addiction is that a person can only be addicted to a single thing at a time. In reality, of course, it’s entirely possible to suffer from polysubstance abuse, which is an addiction to more than one substance. Recognizing this fact is vital in order for patients to be treated for the scope of their addiction, which can extend beyond a single substance.

Addiction Myth #5: Detox is the End of Recovery

Detoxification is an important first step on the road to recovery, but it doesn’t stop there. Recovery is a comprehensive process that requires extensive treatment, and that treatment should include physical care, psychological counseling, and spiritual development. Reducing recovery to just detox, while that may be a building block in the process, prevents patients from getting the full treatment necessary. Uncovering the dangerous myths about addiction can reveal the truth about recovery. Professional drug rehab at Stepping Stone Center For Recovery can debunk these myths and offer comprehensive treatment, giving patients the best tools possible for their recovery. Call us today: 866-957-7298.

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