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National Recovery Month Beats Addiction By Example

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If you ask anyone if they know someone who has problems with either drug addiction or alcohol addiction the answer is likely “yes”. The good news is that with new treatment methodologies offered by quality treatment centers throughout the country addiction is a disease that is treatable. Unlike many other diseases addiction is a disease that requires a lifetime of recovery and maintenance. Studies show that 25% of Americans die from substance abuse. On average people who suffer from alcoholism die 26 years younger than they would if they weren’t alcoholic. Alcohol and drug addiction are without a doubt one of the biggest health threats throughout the entire country. September is National Recovery Month. During the month of September, there are gatherings and functions around the entire country that have the sole purpose of educating the public about the dangers of addiction and the course of action a person can take if they do struggle with addiction. National Recovery Month is just as important in that it is a celebration of all those who have been able to recover from addiction. What better way for suffering addicts and alcoholics to see that recovery is possible than seeing and listening to living proof? Recovery from addiction is absolutely possible and its portrayed through National Recovery Month. The first step to becoming free is to admit that a problem exists. The next step is asking for help. Millions of people have been able to put their addictions to rest with proper help.

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