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Orange County mayor addresses heroin epidemic

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The heroin epidemic is slamming hard into Florida. The overdose deaths of 84 Orange County residents in 2015 motivated Mayor Teresa Jacobs to testify on Capitol Hill. She talked about the wide reach of the opiate problem and how it’s affecting her constituents, citing the shocking fact that there are only 30 detox treatment beds in all of Central Florida. The 84 Orange County lives lost to this deadly drug represent a 600% increase in overdose deaths compared to 2011. Speaking with local news station WESH, Mayor Jacobs described heroin as a serial killer. She advised people to avoid it like the plague.

Crackdown on Pill Supply Causes Increase in Heroin Supply

Mayor Jacobs also brought up the fact that you cannot decrease demand by limiting supply. A recent crackdown on prescription opiates in Orange County is a direct cause of the recent flood of heroin to the area, an influx like none she has ever seen. During the hearing at which Mayor Jacobs testified about the heroin epidemic, Florida Representative John Mica presented a different view, stressing that treatment is less important than restriction of supply. DEA representative Louis Milione promised that his organization would work to keep heroin from entering our borders and that the DEA would help to empower communities.

Community Empowerment Starts With Awareness

Mayor Jacobs is taking the heroin epidemic seriously, and rightly so. Everyone needs to do their part to spread the word about the dangers of heroin and prescription opiates, including our representatives in local and federal agencies. Taking a bold step toward spreading awareness of the problem, the FDA announced new requirements for warning labels on prescription opiates. The labels will alert the user about the risks of use, abuse, overdose, death. This is important information considering that over 40 Americans die every day from prescription opiate overdoses. With so many people falling victim to the menace of drug addiction, the importance of professional treatment has never been higher.

Treatment is the Best Option For Victims of Heroin Epidemic

Overcoming heroin addiction is dangerous and difficult to attempt on your own. With professional treatment, it’s possible to beat your addiction and get into recovery. Addiction is a chronic disease that requires ongoing treatment, so it’s best to get started as soon as possible. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction in the midst of this heroin epidemic, Stepping Stone Recovery Center can help. We can help with your questions. We specialize in helping those struggling with addiction to overcome it and to give families and friends of heroin victims the tools and information they need to get involved. Reach out to us now – don’t waste another day on heroin addiction. It’s time to take back your life. Call Stepping Stone Center for Recovery today at 866-957-4960.

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