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Prescription Drug Abuse is a Growing Problem for College Students

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Prescription Drug Abuse is a Growing Problem for College Students

prescription drug abuse in college Part of being in college is learning to meet challenging deadlines. Learning to focus and study is critical to successful graduation. College is also a time when boundaries are tested and new experiences are sought. Stressful and challenging workloads coupled with little practice at time management will inevitably lead to the need for all nighters and last minute races to complete assignments. Add to that the constant stream of distraction coming from mobile devices and the very computer being used to study, and it’s no wonder college students are left seeking shortcuts to focus. With all the stress and pressure facing these students, it’s no surprise that they’re open to the idea of a pill making things better. This is a perfect recipe for prescription drug abuse.

College Kids Today Have False Sense of Security With Prescription Drugs

Young adults of college age grew up in an age of rampant prescription of the drugs that are most commonly abused today. These are kids who were prescribed Ritalin, Wellbutrin, Lithium, Adderall, and a host of other drugs from a very young age. If they didn’t have a prescription themselves, it’s a foregone conclusion that someone they knew was on a prescription medication. This set the stage for today’s prescription drug abuse by providing the impression that taking prescription uppers, downers, and antidepressants is perfectly safe and normal. The safety of these drugs is now being called into question by the CDC and the Journal of American Medicine. The fact is that legal drugs, properly prescribed and administered, regularly kill more people in the United States than illegal drugs.

Theft of Prescription Drugs is Common in College

If you’re using your prescription as instructed by your doctor, you should be aware of the risks posed by theft. The close quarters and busy lifestyle of a college student often leaves their belongings at risk for theft. This includes their prescriptions. Doane College reports that pill theft is reported several times a year, with more cases going unreported. The article also highlights the importance of limiting the amount of people who know about your prescription and recommends keeping it secure.

There’s no Need to Face This Alone

If you or a student you know is abusing prescription medication, help is available for you. The prevalence of prescription drug abuse has lessened the stigma around admitting that the drugs are causing a problem in your life. Stepping Stone Center for Recovery is here for you. Call us right away at 866-957-4960 for help with your questions. We can make sure that you or your loved one get the help you need to recover from prescription drug abuse and addiction.  

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