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Being Present in Recovery

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When you were in the middle of a drinking or drug binge, you might not have remembered your actions. Even if you had all the intentions to slow down, the alcohol and drugs took over and all sense of reason and time was gone. Perhaps, all you remember is how you felt before and after the drinking or drug session. These “emotional or mental blackouts” are a response to not having healthy coping skills. Now that you are in addiction recovery, staying connected to what you’re feeling and thinking in the moment can mean staying sober or relapsing.

The Strategy of Being Present in the Moment

Learning to be present in the moment helps you work out your thoughts and feelings. Developing healthy responses or coping skills help you deal with stressful or emotionally charged situations, cravings, etc. Here Are 3 Tips for Being Present in the Moment:

  • Being present in the moment requires you to know your triggers. Being able to spot a situation from a mile away helps you prepare mentally and emotionally.
  • Reframing negative thoughts helps you take control of your actions, thoughts, and feelings in a situation.
  • Practicing deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and other relaxation techniques help you calm down in a stressful situation. When you are relaxed, you clear your mind and you can concentrate on working through the situation.

It is difficult dealing with stress, negative thoughts, and emotions, but it is something you need to address to be successful in addiction recovery. When you confront these issues head-on, you get stronger and better prepared for other challenges you will face in your life. Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in Florida will prepare you for life after drug and alcohol rehab. Our alumni program is offered to everyone who graduates rehab and is an excellent way to keep your recovery in focus.  Call Stepping Stone directly at 866-957-4960 to find out how easy it is to get into treatment today.

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