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Stepping Stone Center for Recovery Announces Program Changes

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (February 25, 2019) – Stepping Stone Center for Recovery announced changes to its treatment program aimed at providing more specialized care to patients seeking treatment for substance use disorders. The facility will now offer two high-quality addiction treatment programs for patients seeking safe detoxification and stabilization, or relapse recovery to get them on the path to sobriety. Admission specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer any questions and help facilitate the process. “Stepping Stone Center for Recovery recognizes that participating in addiction treatment is an integral part of achieving lifelong sobriety,” said Dr. Eric M. Kaplan, Stepping Stone Center for Recovery’s corporate chief medical officer. “Addiction recovery is seldom a linear process. Offering these new treatment options allows us to reach patients who have experience working through a recovery program, yet for various reasons have relapsed and are in need of a reset.” Dual diagnosis is common among people entering addiction rehab and is always heavily entwined with their substance abuse problem. Patients undergo thorough examinations and assessments to identify co-occurring psychiatric or physical issues. The medical team provides supervised detoxification and prescribes medications to keep patients medically stable and comfortable through the withdrawal process. Understanding patient struggles provides the medical and clinical teams with information to produce an all-inclusive treatment. The length of stay for patients in the detox and stabilization program averages between 7 to 14 days and patients are also provided with an individual and comprehensive aftercare plan. The Relapse Recovery Program is a short-term residential stay for patients who are familiar with the recovery process. During their 10 to 14 day stay, patients work with master’s level clinicians to discuss the factors contributing to their relapse and devise a plan to cope with such factors. Strategies include in-depth therapeutic discussions in group and individual sessions, and a customized aftercare plan meeting the patient’s specific needs. In addition to short term treatment, the aftercare plan provides patients with an overview of their diagnosis and treatment, assessment results, transitional information, counseling referrals, scheduled doctor or specialist appointments.

About Stepping Stone Center for Recovery

Stepping Stone Center for Recovery has been providing high-quality substance use disorder treatment to adult men and women since 2006. Our licensed medical and clinical providers facilitate two programs at the Jacksonville, FL facility. The Stabilization program is focused on individuals just beginning their recovery journey. The Relapse Recovery program is for individuals that have recently relapsed. Both programs are designed as a short-stay, focused on treating the core issue(s) and transitioning care to community partners. Stepping Stone Center for Recovery holds the Gold Seal of Approval® with the Joint Commission and is licensed by the State of Florida Department of Children and Family Services. To learn more, visit

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