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3 Questions to Ask When Seeking a Drug Rehabilitation Center

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In order to successfully break free from an addiction, attending a drug rehabilitation center is key. With so many different options, it can be difficult to narrow down the choices and select the right center to help on the road to recovery. These are the three questions all prospective patients and loved ones should ask when seeking a potential drug rehab center.

1. Is the Rehab Center Licensed and Accredited?

Perhaps the most important thing to learn about a potential drug rehabilitation center is whether they are properly licensed and accredited. Licensing is done by the state, guaranteeing that the program operates according to basic health and safety codes and isn’t a scam. Accreditation takes it one step further and ensures that the rehab center is one that follows the evidence-based protocol to help patients battle addiction. Being accredited by a major body means the rehab center has passed frequent on-site examinations and monitoring. The best centers will be accredited by the Joint Commission and have the Gold Seal of Approval on their website as proof.

2. Are There Multiple Levels of Care Available?

Not all drug rehab centers offer the same level of care, and not all patients need the same kind of program. it’s imperative that prospective patients understand the various levels of care available. One option will be the intensive outpatient rehab programs, which offer sober but independent living and some off-site activities and meetings. This is best for those without a severe addiction or those who feel they can maintain sobriety on their own. On the other end of the spectrum is inpatient rehab, which is residential. The entire day will have structure, and there will be accountability throughout to ensure that patients are on the right track and getting closer to their goals of lifelong sobriety.

3. What Kind of Treatment Methods and Therapies are Offered?

Finally, it’s important to ask drug rehab centers about their preferred treatment methods as well as what kinds of therapies are available. Most centers will place a heavy emphasis on cognitive and behavioral therapies, both of which are evidence-based and widely recognized as effective against addiction. There are a number of additional therapies that rehab centers can offer. Fitness therapy, art therapy, and music therapy can all be used to combat and relieve stress in a healthy way. Nutritional components may come into play for comprehensive health and wellness, and there may also be a focus on spiritual development on the road to recovery. Family therapy can also be effective in establishing a secure support network for patients. At Stepping Stone Center for Recovery located in Jacksonville, Fl., patients can enjoy various levels of care, a variety of treatment methods and accredited rehab. Call 866-957-4960 to find the right program that can help you break free from your drug addiction and live the life you deserve.

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