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Railroad Towns like Oneonta, New York Struggle with Prescription Drugs

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Oneonta, New York is a railroad town. Many veterans have been placed in Oneonta after wars to work. The labor that goes into working on railroads is extremely hard labor that can lead to back injuries as well as other physical injuries. A large reason that the United States has experienced an opiate epidemic over the past decade can be attributed to the prescription medicine that has been prescribed to injuries that have occurred in the railroad industry. Prescription medications such as Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin are highly addictive. Many who are prescribed these medicines by doctors become physically and mentally addicted. Once this happens it may be necessary to enter drug addiction treatment.  Drug addiction treatment will first provide a safe and comfortable drug detox followed by treatment led by therapists and certified addiction professionals that facilitate both individual and group therapy.  Overcoming prescription drug abuse can be nearly impossible without the help of professionals. Many people think that a drug rehab program is for illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin.  The truth is that many individuals that are in need of a drug rehab program become addicted to prescription pills due to an injury that they had and a necessity for some sort of pain relief.  Prescription medicine is just as difficult or more difficult to stop abusing then illegal drugs.  Prescription drugs can lead to serious health issues including death. Many people who live in Oneonta, New York found it beneficial to leave their hometown to attend a drug rehab program.  While you can certainly attend a drug rehab program in Oneonta, New York, don’t rule out the need to travel if the drug rehab center in Oneonta cannot meet your needs. Oneonta, New York is well known as a college town with two colleges located right across the street from one another. It has one of the highest bar rates per capita in the country.  On top of that, a lot of veterans live there and work on the railroads. It is unfortunate that the combination of a college town and the railroad industry seems to result in an abundance of alcoholism and drug abuse. Many have achieved long term sobriety through the help of an alcohol rehab program. A quality alcohol rehab program will provide a staff that works around the clock to offer support and guidance. Alcoholism is a serious disease that requires treatment. The sooner an individual begins treatment the better chance that they give themselves to achieve sobriety and lead a happy, productive life.

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