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One More Reason Not to Use Cocaine

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As if cocaine wasn’t bad enough now it can cause a condition called purpura which are areas of dead skin that are crusty, purplish in color, extremely painful and capable of causing bad infections. The reason why cocaine is causing purpura is that it is commonly contaminated with levamisole, a de-worming drug that is used by veterinarians. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reports that 70 percent of the cocaine that was confiscated in 2009 contained levamisole. Purpura has been popping up all around the country with recent cases surfacing in both Rochester, NY and Los Angeles, California. There is a big concern that cases of purpura are going to become more common and will eventually become a major public health problem. While most cases are treatable more severe cases can prevent an individual’s bone marrow from producing the white blood cells needed to fight off infection. Dealers are using Levamisole to cut the cocaine they are selling because it is cheap and enhances the effect that cocaine causes. If you abuse cocaine and are unable to stop a drug and alcohol rehab can help. It is not a necessity to hit a rock bottom and face extreme negative consequences before getting professional help and have a life that is free of chemical dependency.

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